Pope Francis on Lay Associations: 

"Dear brothers and sisters, I want to add a word about the value of being and making an association. It is a value not to be taken for granted, but always to be cultivated... Do not be afraid of differences and also of the conflicts that normally exist in lay associations; it is normal for them to exist, it is normal. Do not hide them, but face them with an evangelical style, in the search for the true good of the association, evaluated on the basis of statutory principles. Being an association is a value and a responsibility, that is entrusted to you right now. With the help of God and the pastors of the Church, you are called to make this talent that has been placed in your hands bear fruit."  

Address by Pope Francis to members of the Italian Catholic Primary School Teachers’ Association on  5th January 2018


The Obligations and Rights of all the Christian Faithful (208 - 223)


  • Can. 209 §1 - The Christian faithful, even in their own manner of acting, are always obliged to maintain communion with the Church.

  • Can. 215 - The Christian faithful are at liberty freely to found and direct associations for purposes of charity or piety or for the promotion of the Christian vocation in the world and to hold meetings for the common pursuit of these purposes.

  • Can. 216 - Since they participate in the mission of the Church, all the Christian faithful have the right to promote or sustain apostolic action even by their own undertakings, according to their own state and condition. Nevertheless, no undertaking is to claim the name Catholic without the consent of competent ecclesiastical authority.

  • Can. 223 §1 - In exercising their rights, the Christian faithful, both as individuals and gathered together in associations, must take into account the common good of the Church, the rights of others, and their own duties toward others.


  • Can. 223 §2. - In view of the common good, ecclesiastical authority can direct the exercise of rights which are proper to the Christian faithful.

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