Lets take a walk together
Conference 2021 Manchester
Date to be announced 

​ATCRE National Conference is about RE teachers from across the UK coming together to network and celebrate as well as share in excellent practice.  ​The 2021 ATCRE National Conference will build on the success of the 2020 Conference.

The Conference is an opportunity for discussing, questioning and debating; for exploration of the issues, going deeper into the top challenges facing Catholic RE today; with a focus on impact, solutions and practical actions that could make a real difference in the classroom; and with time to talk face to face with ATCRE members.

Our National Conference is designed to inspire RE teachers about the year ahead, to open hearts and minds, and to galvanise the Catholic RE community.


ATCRE Conference 2021 - date and venue to be announced. Register your interest today and be the first to receive news of the Conference.

This year there will be many more, passionate, provocative and pertinent presentations as well as opportunities for those attending conference to participate in collaboration.


We look forward to seeing you there!


Conference 2020 Resource Centre

On Saturday 8th February 2020, it was standing room only in the Waldegrave Drawing Room at St Mary’s University for the much anticipated ATCRE first national conference.  Over 150 Catholic educators attended. 

The tone of the day was set by Mary Myatt, who challenged colleagues to have a sense of humility around the curriculum and privilege thinking over task completion. She urged delegates to continue to ensure that the Religious Education curriculum provides stretch and challenge for all students, a message reinforced by Bishop Alan Williams SM, who reflected on the deployment of models and images to make the complex accessible. Michael Merrick gave an impassioned presentation around a Catholic curriculum model leaving delegates with much food for thought and Philip Robinson, provided a comprehensive update on the Religious Education Curriculum Directory revision, with ATCRE leading on the teacher consultation aspect of this.


The conference concluded on a high note and delegates left confident in the knowledge that this was just the beginning of something that will continue to gather momentum and grow over time. These few hours renewed and strengthened delegates in their commitment to their critical roles in supporting the mission of the Church in Catholic education.


Catherine Bryan - Assistant Director (Education), Catholic Education Service

PDF’s produced from the amazing 2020 ATCRE contributors below. We have made more and more free content available to support teachers and schools, so please browse and use anything you think you might enjoy. We look forward to seeing you at next years ATCRE Conference 2021!


Let's take a walk together
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