Religious Education in Catholic schools

Religious Education, as set out by the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales in their Religious Education Curriculum Directory (2012), is unique because it is the core curriculum subject in all of the 2245 Catholic schools in England and Wales comprising at least 10% of the curriculum.


It is also the most widely used religious education framework in the country, as it is taught in 10% of all primary and secondary schools. It alone accounts for 25% of RE GCSE entries and 20% of A-level RE entries nationwide.


Religious education in Catholic schools is based on the founding principle that the subject should be a deep academic and theological engagement with faith. Teaching religious education in Catholic schools well requires specialist theological knowledge and the best pedagogical practice. More than anyone, we understand the unique nature of religious education in Catholic schools and its central place in the school’s curriculum.


We seek to preserve the special way it is taught in the Church’s schools. As an organisation we aim to provide continued professional development for religious education teachers in Catholic schools so it continues to be taught to a high standard.


Religious education in Catholic schools also seeks to present an authentic vision of the Church’s teachings, traditions and 2000-year-old history enabling pupils to continually deepen their understanding of the faith and be able to communicate it effectively.


If taught well, religious education in Catholic schools should produce religiously literate and engaged young people who have the knowledge, understanding and skills to reflect spiritually about their own faith and the faith of others.


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