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Catholic Social teaching

Human Dignity

God made everyone and is present in everyone. We are made in the image of God. This makes us all
special and loved. It means that we should always treat others with respect and fairness.

The Common Good

We need to think of everyone, and work towards what’s best for everyone. We can do this by using our gifts
and talents and offering our time. It means that we can be active and do good things for others with love.


We are all connected as one global family. We show support for everyone, especially those who are living
in poverty, or are facing injustice. We can do this in many ways such as listening, praying, speaking out
against unfairness, and sharing what we have.


When important decisions are made, the people who are affected by those decisions should be able to
have a say in them. This means that we can all play our part to make sure that our communities are good
and fair.

Secondary School resources

Catholic Social Teaching in 3 mins

Catholic Social Teaching in 3 mins

CAFOD video CST in 3 minutes



Catholic Social Teaching (CST) resources for secondary schools. CST placemat – a useful reference point and question prompt. CST posters. Artwork from the CST animations. CST scripture quotes related to justice and climate justice. …and lots more!

Fratelli Tutti

Fratelli Tutti

Fratelli Tutti – Brothers and Sisters All. Catholic Social Teaching on fraternity, solidarity, human dignity, the common good and stewardship. Resources include:  Animation  Animation script  Prayers  Liturgy  Pledge sheet

Laudato Si

Laudato Si

Laudato Si’ – on care for our common home. Catholic Social Teaching on stewardship, dignity, solidarity and the common good. Resources include:  Animation and script  Reflection cards  Guide  Prayers  Liturgy  Song

primary School resources

cst children.jpg

Catholic Social Teaching Animation for Children

CST pack.jpg

Catholic Social Teaching Pack

fratelli tutti resources.jpg

Fratelli Tutti Resources

laudato si resources.jpg

Laudato Si Resources

Catholic Children Society

Caritas Westminster

Mission Together

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