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At present, our membership process is a simple registration. In the future we will have a more developed membership package.  By giving your details you will be able to receive updates, relevant information and first access to advertised opportunities. 

If you would like to ask further questions, please contact the ATCRE Chair, Matthew Dell:

Email:  chair.atcre@gmail.com


Pope Francis on Lay Associations: 

"Dear brothers and sisters, I want to add a word about the value of being and making an association. It is a value not to be taken for granted, but always to be cultivated... Do not be afraid of differences and also of the conflicts that normally exist in lay associations; it is normal for them to exist, it is normal. Do not hide them, but face them with an evangelical style, in the search for the true good of the association, evaluated on the basis of statutory principles. Being an association is a value and a responsibility, that is entrusted to you right now. With the help of God and the pastors of the Church, you are called to make this talent that has been placed in your hands bear fruit."  

Address by Pope Francis to members of the Italian Catholic Primary School Teachers’ Association on  5th January 2018


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