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ATCRE Member Consultations 

A key part of ATCRE's remit is to provide a national voice for teachers for Catholic RE.  We have been busy doing this:

RE Curriculum Directory
The revision of the Religious Education Curriculum Directory (RECD) 

ATCRE is supporting the work of the Catholic Education Service (CES) in revising the RECD. We have helped facilitate online surveys with our members. We invited members to join a consultation group. The application window was between  Wednesday 20th November 2019 –  Sunday 8th December 2019. We now have three RECD teacher consultation groups: Primary, KS3, Core RE.  They are meeting regularly with Philip Robinson (RE Adviser to the CES).  

We hosted an open RE teacher consultation on Wednesday 6th May via Zoom for around 90 teachers.  The power point presentation used by Philip Robinson is here to download as well as an edited recording of the event.

Prayer and Liturgy Directory

ATCRE has been involved in supporting the consultation on the new Prayer and Liturgy Directory. 


Two Departments of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales are collaborating in the writing of a Prayer and Liturgy Directory for Catholic schools.  The aim is for the Directory to be published for September 2021. The Department of Christian Life and Worship as well as the Department for Education and Formation have come together to work on guidance that will support Catholic schools. 

The Directory will set out clearly the principles and norms for Catholic prayer and liturgy and their application in the specific context of schools.  It will be based upon the wider principles and norms for Catholic prayer and liturgy used in the Church. The Directory is intended in the first place for all who are directly involved in overseeing and facilitating prayer and liturgy in their schools.  It has also been written as a tool for formation and is intended as a resource for all who support those on the ‘front line’. 

To support the writing of the Directory an online survey was distributed to those in Catholic education through emails from NBRIA (National Board of Religious Inspectors and Advisors), ATCRE (Association of Teachers of Catholic Religious Education) and ACCE (Association of Catholic Chaplains in Education).  The online survey was available for 21 days (3 weeks), from 28th February 2020 to 20th March 2020.  The combined response from 352 respondents resulted in a total of 23,080 words. The writing group for the Prayer and Liturgy Directory was very grateful to all those that took the time to respond to the online survey. 

To access a summary report on the online survey, click below.

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